HOMECOMING: ‘Merica Monday

Junior Annabelle Zhou shows off her school spirit.
Junior Annabelle Zhou shows off her school spirit for Homecoming’s first spirit day, ‘Merica Monday.

By Rebeca Engelhard,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

Davis High started Homecoming’s annual spirit week off with a bang, flashing its school spirit with patriotic colors on ‘Merica Monday. Attire ranging from flag capes to red, white and blue onesies decorated students walking down the halls Monday, Oct. 5.

A large percentage of the student body participated in ‘Merica Monday, showing off their willingness to wear crazy outfits without shame. One of these spirited students was junior Annabelle Zhou, who was decked out in flag shorts and socks, a bandana and red, white and blue Mardi Gras beads.

Zhou said she did not have much school spirit last year–she dressed up for a total of only one spirit day–but this year she decided to go all out, and bought all her outfits before the school year.

“I am ready to take on all the spirit days this year,” said Zhou, who believes that dressing up is a great way to demonstrate school spirit, because of how much it brings people together.

Along with Zhou, Junior Class President Arzoo Manandhar also thinks dressing up for spirit days is important for the student body.

“Some people may think it’s lame to dress up,” Manandhar said, “but it’s actually super cool if everyone participates. That’s the whole point of having school spirit.”

Even though many students dressed up for ‘Merica Monday, Manandhar encourages more people to muster up the courage to dress as crazy as possible because they shouldn’t be ashamed to dress up in a school as spirited and wacky as DHS.

Tomorrow’s spirit day is Class Theme Tuesday–sophomores are country, juniors are rock and roll and seniors are rap/hip hop,

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