HOMECOMING: A tradition of TPing

Optimized-dhshoco (2) (3)By Autumn Johansson
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

White vines of toilet paper billow in the crisp October night. Sneakers patter against the asphalt as Davis High teens flee from their victim’s house. Car engines start suddenly and tires squeal as they drive away abruptly. A home has just been successfully TP’d.

Along with the conventional Homecoming traditions like the football game, dance and parade, certain Davis houses receive a little makeover each year.

The unofficial tradition draws students because “people want to get their friends or people they want to prank, or maybe they know of someone that got them previously and they want to get revenge,” according to senior Hannah Denton, who has participated in Homecoming toilet papering all three years of her high school career.

Senior Danielle Mentink has been both a TPing perpetrator and victim.

“I got TP’d three times last year and learned to not clean it up each night and just to leave it. I think it’s funny. I go out every night of Homecoming week so I get it,” she said.

For the most part, TPers target their friends, making it a fun prank.

“I personally TP my friends on Homecoming week; I think it’s all fun and games, for the most part it’s friendly. A little hate TP does happen though,” Mentink said. “Student Government and DHS sports teams are big-time offenders, but everyone gets hit at some point.”

Sophomore football player Jack Hoal said football TPs as a team and targets friends not on the team, which helps football players get pumped for homecoming.

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