HOMECOMING: Royalty changes to “most spirited”

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By Meseret Carver,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

Davis High is changing the ritual of choosing Homecoming royalty–instead, this year two students in each grade will win “most spirited.”

Students have already voted for the person they believe exhibits the most school spirit. The winners can be two of any gender, and will be announced at the Homecoming game this Friday.

Student Government decided to change the tradition this year because they did not want to restrict voting to the selection of couples.

“I like the idea of voting ‘spirited’ and not couples since we already acknowledge them at [Homecoming] or prom,” Sophomore Senator Victoria Nishikawa said.

Senior Camille Johnson, a former Princess (junior year) and Duchess (sophomore year) disagrees with the change.

“I do think we should have kept [the former process] because it’s a tradition for most high schools to do royalty like we used to,” Johnson said.

Johnson also believes that although Student Government is doing a great job this year, this is something they should have checked with the student body before changing.

“It would have been nice if the student body got a say about it because it just changed out of the blue and it involves the whole school,” Johnson said.

Senior Jack Beckman, Johnson’s counterpart both years (Prince and Duke), thinks the switch is alright but agrees with Johnson about the student body deserving to decide.

“I feel it’s fine, as the ‘most spirited’ would likely be a good role model to represent each class, but some people might not like it when they don’t have a say,” Beckman said.

Johnson also believes that the two winners for each grade level should be different genders.

“I wish it was one boy and one girl who won together or as a couple to have representation for both genders,” Johnson said.

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