HOMECOMING: Put a Little Prep in Your Step Thursday

Seniors Kadence Waggoner, Bay Warland, and Emma Kaplan dress up for put a little prep in your step Thursday. (Photo by W Sacramento)
Seniors Kadence Waggoner, Bay Warland and Emma Kaplan dressed up for Put a Little Prep in Your Step Thursday. (Courtesy photo: W. Sacramento)

By Jillian Foster,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

For Thursday’s spirit day, Davis High students showed off their Blue Devil pride by dressing as preppy as possible. Many students’ outfits were reminiscent of a northeastern private school or a posh country club.

The click-clack of dress shoes echoed through the halls while students walked from class to class on Thursday, Oct. 8.

Girls’ outfits ranged from sweater dresses and high socks to pleated skirts and collared sweaters. Boys let their prep shine with polo shirts, khakis and sweaters expertly tied around their necks.

“School pride and spirit is a positive thing; it makes students happier to be at school,” said teacher Charles Haws, who was wearing khakis, a button-down shirt and sweater to show his school spirit..

This spirit day also offered students a chance to show what the word preppy means to them.

“When I think of prep I think of private school clothes, the show ‘Gossip Girl’ and rich people,” sophomore Natasha Mariner said. Other students described preppy as neat, clean and high-class.

“I think of a button-down shirt, cuffed pants and some nice brown shoes,” sophomore Johnny Tiangco said.

Tomorrow, students have the opportunity to show their enthusiasm on this week’s final spirit day: Freakishly Blue Friday.

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