HOMECOMING: Promposals

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By Claire Broaddus,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

Imagine walking out into the hallway at Davis High after class and seeing the Blue Devil mascot standing outside with a bunch of roses and a sign saying, “Roses are red, this suit is blue, be my date to Homecoming, will you?”

Every year around Homecoming, there is a debate on whether or not to take a date to the dance, and how to ask. Some people choose to go with a group and some ask a person normally, but others choose to take a date and ask in an extravagant way.

Junior Arzoo Manandhar says that people don’t need a date and that going to the dance with friends is just as fun. As for promposals, she said, “If you are taking a date, then you should ask in a cute, creative way.”

Senior and Student Government member Mason Chupka is going with his friends and wants to make sure that the dance goes smoothly.

“[The Homecoming dance] is more of a party and people go to have fun, celebrate spirit days and celebrate the football game.”

Senior ASB President Teddy Knox believes that every person should evaluate whether going with a date or with a group will be more fun for them.

“If someone is planning on asking someone else to the Homecoming dance, then a dramatic and elaborate proposal is absolutely necessary,” he added.

Sophomore Katelyn Brooks is going with her friends to the dance, as she thinks that it will be more fun with friends.

Brooks said that it is “not completely necessary to ask someone but if you are not in a relationship with the person–then it is weird–but if you are then it is sweet.”

Junior and FFA member David Best said that people should go to the dance with a date if they choose to. He said that “extravagant promposals are not necessary but increases the chance of success and is funny and cool.”

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