HOMECOMING: Winners of “Door Decorating and Beyond”

By Diana Lee,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

Spencer Elliott’s, Ellie Michel’s, Alexander Hess’ and Kelly Wilkerson’s fourth period classes were announced the winners of “Door Decorating and Beyond”–the annual Homecoming contest–on Friday, Oct. 16. The judging was based on votes from Student Government.

There were three categories of winners: the door, the interactive experience and the performance.

Michel’s and Hess’ classes were the winners for the door. They went with all three music genre themes: country, rock and hip-hop, and put up big posters inside the room for each genre.

“They even had a balloon drop! And cookies. It was really cool,” said sophomore Student Government member Victoria Nishikawa.

The HUB, Wilkerson’s fourth period class, won interactive experience, and transformed the outside of the classroom into a nightclub, nicknaming it the “Night HUB.” With aluminum foil stuck all around the door and surrounding walls, students played music and danced in front of a disco ball.

For performance, Elliott’s English 10 Honors class went with a country theme, turning their door into a ticket booth. Inside was a country-themed concert and a potato sack race. All students learned and performed the dance to Hannah Montana’s “Hoedown Throwdown.”

“It was awesome. We all worked together and we were able to pull it off,” sophomore Sarah Pestoma said.

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