JV field hockey beats Lassen 4-0

Sophomore Mia Skaggs hits the ball trying to score a goal during a short corner. The Devils won 4-0 on Oct. 21.

By Denna Changizi,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

The Davis High JV field hockey team scored a 4-0 win over Lassen High School on Wednesday, Oct. 21 as the team begins to prepare for the upcoming Break the Record Night.

Although it was a scalding 90 degrees on the turf, the Devils didn’t hold back.

Five minutes into the game, captain Leah Pinto pulled the ball back from the goalie’s feet and pushed it into the far post of the cage, scoring Davis’ first goal. The crowd cheered on the sophomore as she picked up the ball and sprinted back into position, ready for the next play.

After scoring another goal with an assist from sophomore Jessica Barber, Pinto passed the scoring streak on to sophomore and co-captain Hana Wood. After its third goal, Davis began to relax with a solid 3-0.

The team huddles together for a cheer after halftime.

After a few sloppy passes by Davis, the Lassen defenders took advantage and quickly passed the ball up to their midfielder, who did not hesitate to sprint up the field. Davis defenders awoke too late, and Lassen was already at the cage.

The forward tried to push the ball into the goal only to be stopped by goalie and sophomore Autumn Johanson, who stopped the ball and cleared it out of the circle, allowed Davis defender Chloe Deamer to pick up the ball and pass it back up.

Shortly after, sophomore Fiona Strach dribbled the ball to the 10-yard line and reverse-passed it to Wood, allowing Wood to take a shot and score on last goal.

“We had four people who couldn’t play today but the team was able to still kick butt and play absolutely amazing against Lassen, with only one sub,” sophomore Shekinah Prewett said.

The team has been slowly losing players to injuries such as sprains and concussions, leaving them with minimal rest opportunities, but the game still ended with a clean sweep of 4-0.

“I think our ball movement was really good. I would have to say that all the sophomores stepped up in a big way. They were keeping the field spread, and really commanding the lines that they work on,” coach Doug Mentink said.

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