Women’s volleyball downed by Pleasant Grove

Davis High women's Volleyball team huddles during their time out
The women’s volleyball team huddles during its time out. The Devils lost to Pleasant Grove in three sets on Oct. 27.

By Bailey Mknelly,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

The Davis High women’s varsity volleyball team faced off against Pleasant Grove in a home game and lost 3-0 on Tuesday, Oct. 27.

After the Eagles ran away with the first set 25-15, Davis rallied and played much more aggressively starting off set two. As Pleasant Grove sent the ball soaring over the net, the crowd let out a premature “ohhh” of disappointment that was quickly converted into applause as junior Karlie Kijanka slid for the ball, hitting it seemingly inches off the ground.

However, Pleasant Grove’s consistent offense and strong defense led them to second and third wins over the Blue Devils (25-16 and 25-17).

“I just think that we needed to communicate a little bit better and defense needed to improve because they were really big hitters,” junior Olivia Millstone said.

Junior Mitra Varjavand blocked and spiked balls left and right, keeping one eye on the other team at all times but was ultimately a little disappointed with the result.

“I think I played pretty well but it was hard to get some good plays off of their offense,” she said.

“I thought we did some things well, I just think we were a little low energy,” coach Julie Crawford noted. “We could have come in with the belief that we could have done a little bit better.  […] I think we just have in our mind that they are the No. 1 team in our league which is kind of intimidating. We just need to play with a little bit more confidence and more consistency,” she added.

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