Rent-A-Senior nets $550

Seniors Kiara Shuster and Kyra Leonard dance along the floor passing out candy to the crowd before being auctioned off.
Seniors Kiara Shuster and Kyra Leonard dance along the floor and pass out candy to the crowd before being auctioned off.

By Rowan Hart, Staff–

“$20 going once…$25…$30, sold!”

Rent-A-Senior auctioned off 17 seniors and senior pairs this year on Thursday, Nov. 5. During the event, which raised $550 for Student Government, students had the chance to rent seniors who promised car rides, lunches and a fun day.

Though there were many two-for-one deals on the table, the highest bid of the night was $65 for solo senior Justin Reno, who danced out to the tune of “I Will Survive” down the red carpet.

Reno regretted choosing to solo after seeing what some of the other groups were doing, but was excited nonetheless. Reno was surprised at the price he went for; before the event, he said he was just “hoping to go above the minimum; if I’m not the lowest, I’ll be happy.”

Other seniors, like Will Bodendorfer and Conner Kinney, who sold at $50, weren’t as humble about the prices they were hoping for.

“We’re here to break records tonight, and to show that we’re better than everyone else, we’re looking for above $200,” Kinney said before the auction.

When it came to who was actually going to rent the seniors, nerves were high. Everybody wanted to be bought but feared not being bid upon. Though friends were the most likely choices for buyers, the seniors were fine with anyone who had money.

“Most likely my friends are going to buy me, but I’m fine with anyone,” senior Camille Johnson said.

In the stands, the audience came more for the entertainment than the auction.

“I just came to watch, I thought it would be funny to watch my friends get sold,” junior Michael Welsh said.

Some people did get caught up in the moment, however; by the end of the night, Welsh had spent $50 on the playful pair of Bodendorfer and Kinney.

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