Students commemorate Veteran’s Day

The Madrigals stand in front of the audience, ready to perform.
The Madrigals prepare to perform at the Veteran’s Day Ceremony at the Davis Cemetery.

By Kacey Hsu, Isabel Montesanto and Emma Juchau, Staff–

Students in the Davis school district did not have school on Veteran’s Day, which occurred on Wednesday, Nov. 11. Veteran’s Day is an official United States public holiday that occurs annually in honor of military veterans. Students were able to spend the day off with friends and family.

Sophomore Lauren Aquino had a relaxed day doing homework and getting breakfast with her dad. She enjoyed the extra day off to sleep in and catch up on work.

Lauren Aquino's father, Joey Aquino, trained for the U.S. military in 1987. (Courtesy: L. Aquino)
Lauren Aquino’s father, Joey Aquino, trained for the U.S. military in 1987. (Courtesy: L. Aquino)

Aquino has members of her family who are veterans, including her dad, aunt and two uncles. On a typical Veteran’s Day, she goes out to dinner with her dad and calls her other relatives to thank them for their service.

Aquino views the holiday as a day for the community to appreciate the sacrifices that soldiers make to protect our freedom, which is something she learned growing up around veterans.

Junior Paxson Danzer spent her morning going to breakfast with her mom and spending the afternoon with her friends. Although she appreciated the time she had with her mom and friends, she didn’t like having a day off in the middle of the week “because it makes it feel like it should be the weekend.”

Danzer has relatives who are veterans as well.


“I have an uncle who is a retired Marine Corps colonel and my grandfather fought in the Korean War. My uncle spent most of his life overseas away from his family in service, so he has missed most of the significant events in [the lives of his family members],” she said.

Unlike Danzer, senior Tom Thornton thoroughly appreciated the mid-week break from school.

“I spent Vet’s Day at the movies with friends. A day off in the middle of the week was actually nice because it’s making the week go by much faster,” he said.

Despite spending the day with his friends, Thornton appreciates the holiday’s meaning.

“My dad is a vet and still works for the military, but he didn’t get the day off which doesn’t seem right,” he said.

Davis High’s Madrigal Choir performed at the Veteran’s Day Ceremony at the Davis Cemetery. Click below to hear its rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” “America the Beautiful” and a medley of armed forces anthems.

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