Senior Cole Morse. Courtesy photo from Shelley Morse
After his ACL injury, senior Cole Morse’s football career came to an untimely end.
(Courtesy: S. Morse)

By Ben Easton, Staff–

As he lays in bed, his knee brace on the floor, senior Cole Morse reminisces about his extensive football career: “I’ve scored 93 touchdowns in my whole career. I’ve rushed for over 6,000 yards in my eight years. But I’ve only won four varsity football games. I’ve scored 41 touchdowns in high school.”

He counts off with his fingers as he remembers each and every touchdowns.

“I remember my freshman year I scored eight, my second year I scored 20, and then I scored 10 junior year, and three [senior year],” he said.

Morse has loved football for most of his life. His dad, Marty Morse, was a star running back for the Blue Devils from 1983 to 1986, and went on to play for UC Davis.

“My dad influenced me [to play]. He played football when he was young too. He wanted me to play and I loved football so I tried it out,” Morse said.

Morse first wanted to play for the junior Blue Devil team in third grade. However, his dad was concerned about the injuries associated with playing football and it took some convincing for him to agree.

“I wanted to play earlier but he wouldn’t let me. I finally convinced him to [let me] play when I was in fifth grade. As soon as I geared up for the first time it changed my life,” Morse said.

Morse followed in his father’s footsteps and has been the starting running back every year since seventh grade.

“When I played football that was all I did. It was what I breathed,” he said.

Morse eventually became a standout running back on the varsity team and began to plan for a potential college football career.

“I was looking into playing in college. I wanted to keep the possibility of getting a scholarship open,” he said.

However, that opportunity was lost in the Davis vs. Elk Grove game earlier this season, when Morse tore his ACL. After months of preseason training, his senior season and football career came to an end.

“It’s been really tough but I’ve gotten over it. I just keep rehabbing everyday,” Morse said.

Despite the crushing loss, Morse remembers the things he loved about football.

“I loved playing with my team every Friday, suiting up with the guys, putting everything on the line to get the win.”

Morse says that even though his career is over, the lessons football has taught him will stick with him for life.

“Football has taught me honor, integrity, toughness, togetherness and sacrifice,” Morse said.

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