‘Tis the season for giving

By Denna Changizi,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

As the holiday season approaches, organizations in the Davis community–like the Short Term Emergency Aid Committee (STEAC)–prepare to collect donations and give back to those in need.

At Davis High, students were encouraged to bring cans of non-perishable food to class.

Junior Annie Brennan brought her donation to the front office and thinks that donating is important for the holiday season.

“Why not donate during the holidays? If you can donate then why not?” said Brennan, whose donation was designated to the homeless shelter.

With all the options at this time of the year, you can pick and choose where you want to donate.

Other than STEAC and the homeless shelter, Davis churches also step up their game this time of the year. The Davis Community Church has been doing donations for several years now and is collaborating with several foundations, including STEAC, Progress Ranch, a residential home for young boys and Empower Yolo, a domestic violence shelter.

Each year, the members of the congregation at the church sit down and choose children in need of donations. Once the children are chosen, the church faculty will share the profile of the selected children, keeping the names confidential.

This allow church members to pick a child and purchase toys and clothes that the child would like.

Another church in Davis big on donations is the University Covenant Church. Like the Davis Community Church, it provides supplies for STEAC and other several other organizations that help children, families and even women in India who have been victims of sex trafficking.

St. Marten’s Church is working on collection socks, toilet items and other useful products for the homeless, and will be putting together little kits of supplies.

Senior Sarina Buchannan plans on giving back and helping STEAC collect non-perishable foods.

“I think it’s great to help out because there are a lot of people with a lot less than us and if donating can help them, I think everyone should bring a can,” Buchannan said.

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