Nike and Adidas apparel trending among students


By Jillian Foster, Staff–

A group of trendy Davis High students stand around in a group during snack break wearing their favorite brand of shoes. Boys and girls alike mix Adidas joggers with their winter sweaters, and anyone looking down while walking through the halls will see many a Nike swoosh and three lines for Adidas.

Adidas and Nike are sports brands founded more than 50 years ago for the manufacturing of high-quality sports shoes. Nowadays, the companies’ gear is worn not only for athletics but as a fashion statement. In recent years, Adidas and Nike have attracted young adults looking for fashionable casual wear.

On any particular school day, you can find students rocking their Adidas sweatpants and Nike jackets and shoes, or someone with some Adidas Superstar sneakers and a matching warm-up jacket. Students mix and match their Adidas and Nike apparel to show their personal style.

“I really like Adidas shoes and jackets, and hats and hoodies from Nike,” sophomore Yixuan Yu said. “I started wearing Adidas and Nike brand clothing as a fashion statement since last year because they are comfortable and easy to pair with.”

Adidas and Nike brands are the top two athletic wear brands. (photo illustration)
Adidas and Nike are two of the top athletic wear brands. (Photo illustration)

The fact that Adidas and Nike clothing can go with any outfit is a crucial part of the brands’ popularity.

“I wear Nike shoes with almost everything. They’re super comfortable and affordable and durable,” sophomore Nancy Avoce said.

These days, one of the biggest trends in fashion is the rise of athletic leisure wear, according to Forbes Magazine. But the reason people are influenced to join the trend is not always the same. Student influences range from social media, fashion magazines, seeing other people wearing the brand and seeing apparel in popular stores.

“The biggest factor for me was probably the music industry, and more specifically rap,” sophomore Yifan Wei said. “I saw a lot of artists support Adidas so I just gravitated towards the brand.”

Many pop artists and celebrities promote the sports brands as well. Adidas promoters include Kanye West, Rita Ora, Jay-Z, Katy Perry and B.o.B., while Nike endorsements include Drake and famous athletes like Tiger Woods, Lebron James and Roger Federer.

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