Teachers revisit high school love lives

A photograph of Michael Kanna and Miss Kings County is shown on the inside of the front cover of Kanna’s high school yearbook.
A photograph of Michael Kanna and Miss Kings County appears on the inside of the front cover of Kanna’s high school yearbook.

By Denna Changizi,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Davis High teachers have decided to re-open old wounds and speak about past relationships.

In the 1970s, when afros and high-waisted denim were all the rage, history teacher Michael Kanna made the front cover of his high school yearbook with one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen, even to this day.

“My high school claim to fame was that I made the inside of the front cover of the yearbook with the Miss Kings County beauty queen, my short-term girlfriend,” Kanna said. “But rapidly she dumped me because she was too good for me.”

Though the relationship didn’t last long, Kanna still reminisces on the pride he had when they were together.

“She was out of my league, but anyways I think that’s kind of funny because it’s like you go out with a girl for a very short period of time and then pretty much, she realizes you’re not worthy of her,” he said.

Kanna also made the front page of the newspaper with the head cheerleader of his high school.

Kanna isn’t the only teacher who has a memorable girlfriend; history teacher Kevin Williams also shared his harsh love story.

“There was a girl that I had loved from ninth grade on […] and we had this weird love-hate relationship,” Williams explained. “People would’ve thought I hated her but deep inside I didn’t hate her at all. I really, really, really liked her.”

This love-hate relationship continued all through high school, until senior year came around and the couple finally decided to date.

“We started dating and it was great. It was awesome and then it started to get really bad and we both wanted to break up,” Williams said.

Though the two wanted to call it quits, they had already asked each other to prom and were left with no other option than to attend together. But it was not as fun as it should have been.

“It was the worst prom ever,” Williams recalled. “I just remember sitting there and watching all my friends having a great time and realizing I was with this girl that didn’t like me anymore and I didn’t really care for her anymore and so it ended up being terrible.”

But not all teachers’ relationships were as dramatic.

English teacher Spencer Elliott has a high school love story many seniors can relate to.

“[It was a] first time sort of relationship and it went well,” Elliott said, “but it ended when I think I was a year older than her so the anxiety of going off to college caused us to end the relationship [beforehand].”

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