Thompson performs a jump off the ramp at the skate park near DHS.
Amiri Thompson performs a jump off the ramp at the skate park near DHS.

By Emma Juchau, Staff–

Amiri Thompson takes his skateboard with him everywhere. It travels from class to class with him throughout the school day, and leads him to the skate park during lunch and after school.

The junior’s passion for skateboarding began just over a year ago when his friend, junior Saul Gonzalez, started skating. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with Thompson’s skating is something that he loves.

“In skating when you first try something, you’re not going to land it, and you’ll most likely fall or something,” he said. “You have to keep on trying and try for a long time, and you’ll get it eventually, but you just have to keep trying until you get it.”

Over the last year and a half, Thompson has learned several skateboarding tricks including kickflips, toeflips and 180s.

Thompson spends his lunches at the skate park near Davis High; hanging out with friends there is one of his favorite things to do.

“It means a lot to me that I can just go out and skate and have fun with my friends,” Thompson said. “It’s a good way to spend my time.”

Thompson may not be the best skater in Davis, but he enjoys it nonetheless. “There’s a lot better people here than me, but I’m okay,” he said.

Thompson’s favorite thing about skating is “not falling, cause that happens a lot,” he said, smiling to himself. “[I like] trying to do a trick for a really long time and then finally landing it.”

Although Thompson loves to skate, it’s not the only thing he enjoys: he loves art, and is also in Ag Engineering.

“I have a welding [Ag Engineering] class that I take, which is probably my favorite class in school,” he said.

Thompson’s plans for the future include attending Sacramento State University, although he isn’t sure what he wants to study yet.

He is sure about one thing, however: “I plan on getting better at skateboarding.”

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