OPED: Bernie Sanders, will you please go now!

By Kellen Browning,
BlueDevilHUB.com Editor-in-Chief–

Bernie Sanders will make a campaign stop at UC Davis’ Hutchison Intramural Field on Wednesday, June 1. His rally will likely attract thousands of high schoolers, college students and community members. I’ll be there as well–it’s not every day that a presidential candidate visits your town.

But I would prefer that he not show up. Sanders’ campaign, though hard-fought and impressive, is long past its expiration date. Hillary Clinton all but wrapped up the nomination weeks ago based on delegate counts and polls in upcoming states. Essentially, the race is over, but Sanders and his fervent supporters fail to see reason.

Sanders wants to continue to deliver his progressive message; that would be fine, except that he is also sprinkling in a healthy dose of anti-Clinton comments, some of which have already been seized upon by presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and the Republican party.

Instead of promoting unity and helping the Democratic party get behind Clinton, Sanders continues to spread discord and divide voters into factions, making Clinton’s job all the more difficult. She needs to rally voters from across the ideological spectrum to her cause, but Sanders has become caught up in his so-called political revolution, and refuses to cede the spotlight.

Sanders needs to drop out of the race and endorse Clinton–immediately. The alternative–what’s happening right now–is an unscathed Trump, a beleaguered Clinton and a split Democratic party. Sanders, who is not truly a member of the Democratic party, repeatedly bashes the Democratic National Committee and has done little for down-ballot politicians fighting to help the Democrats regain the House, Senate and state legislatures.

Congratulations, Bernie–you have successfully transformed from a messenger of positivity and progressivism to a nuisance helping no one but yourself–and Trump.

So, taking inspiration from Dr. Seuss, I ask: will you PLEASE GO NOW! 

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