McTygue, Avoce win “Mr. Blue Devil” competition

By Julia Curtis, Staff–

The annual Davis High “Mr. Blue Devil” competition took place Friday, April 15 in the Brunelle Theater. Seniors Francis Avoce and Tommy McTygue were the two of the seven total contestants to receive awards.

The contest began at 7 p.m. with a group dance and quickly transitioned into the most anticipated event of the evening: the talent show.

Senior Brady Corcoran was the first contestant to perform, impressing the judges and audience by singing “The Weight” by The Band and playing piano. Judge and history teacher Peter Reilly was especially impressed because the music choice brought back memories of his youth.

Next on stage was senior Ben Simmons, who sang “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra. The judges were not only blown away by Simmons’ vocals, but also loved his polka-dot socks.

Seniors Jake Griffiths and Tom Thornton both showed off their dance moves, which were at times very sensual.

Avoce sang “You Are the Music in Me” from “High School Musical” while riding around on a hoverboard. The judges seemed to enjoy Avoce’s performance, but made it clear that the his short skirt and revealing shirt were the best parts of his act.

Senior Brett Furtek appeared on stage in a hat that read “Sorry Mom” and baked a cake. Although his measurements were not very precise, the audience laughed every time he touch his own “meaty” butt.

McTygue based his act off the ending of the movie “Old School,” in which Will Ferrell twirls a ribbon. However, the outfit of extremely tight leggings was chosen separately.

“The clothing was just a way to further express myself,” McTygue explained.

After the judge discussion and audience vote during intermission, the two winners were announced. Avoce received the “Judge’s Choice Award” and McTygue won the grand title of “Mr. Blue Devil 2016.”

McTygue didn’t expect to win the competition, and enjoyed the process.

“I’m very glad I participated because it was one of the most fun things I’ve done in a while,” McTygue said.

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