Lim’s self portrait titled, “Salmonella.” It is displayed in the Crocker Art Museum and it was awarded honorable mention in the self portrait show.
Brandon Lim’s self-portrait, titled “Salmonella,” is displayed in the Crocker Art Museum and was awarded honorable mention in a self-portrait show. (Courtesy photo: B. Lim)

By Cece Cannata, Staff–

Senior Brandon Lim began creating art in first grade, when he was influenced by his cousin’s ability to draw. Eleven years later, Lim is in his second year of AP Art Studio at Davis High.

One of Lim’s pieces titled, “Bathroom,” won second place in the youth art month show, and is displayed in the Crocker Art Museum.
One of Lim’s pieces, titled “Bathroom,” won second place in the youth art month show, and is displayed in the Crocker Art Museum. (Courtesy photo: B. Lim)

“My art is heavily influenced by urban culture,” Lim explained. He is inspired by family, people and cultures around him.

Outside of the people around him, Lim looks up to artists like David Choe and Yue Wu: “David creates art that can be somewhat uncomfortable, and Wu creates brush pen drawings with character and style.”

Lim works very hard on his pieces, and is very thoughtful while creating art.

“Mentally it is tiring and sometimes frustrating because I will not stop working on a piece until I am satisfied with my work,” he explained.

Lim’s hard work has brought him many achievements: He took second place in a congressional art show and had his work hung Representative John Garamendi’s office for a year; his work has also been displayed at the Crocker Art Museum.

Lim was also awarded the WASH watercolor scholarship, illustrated chapter headings for a nationally published chapter book, “Castlerock,” by Thomas Proctor and painted a barbershop-inspired piano displayed in downtown Davis.

The WASH Scholarship, which stands for Watercolor Artists of Sacramento Horizons, is an opportunity for artists like Lim to submit watercolor pieces that were eligible for a $1000 scholarship, and he was very excited when he won.

“Getting awards for my artwork is very encouraging and motivating,” Lim said. “It’s nice to get some recognition for all the hard work I put into my art. Although awards are nice, I never get too caught up in what I got or didn’t get, for all that matters to me is that I’m enjoying the pieces I create.”

“Art has allowed me to be creative; a creator,” Lim said. “These days, everything is given to us visually–we are so used to being given content. It’s nice to be able to create.”

Because of his passion for art, Lim will be attending Otis College of the Arts and Design in Los Angeles, where he plans to major in animation and minor in product design.

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