JV football ekes out win over Vintage

Sophomore Ian Smith recovers from sprint into the end zone, after scoring the second touchdown of the game for the Blue Devils.
Sophomore Ian Smith recovers from sprint into the end zone after scoring the second touchdown of the game for the Blue Devils.

By Isabella Ainsworth,
BlueDevilHUB.com Editor-in-Chief–

The Davis High JV football team’s Friday, Sept. 9 game against Vintage High was close, probably closer than most of the team felt comfortable with, although the Blue Devils ended victorious with a score of 14-13.

“I don’t want to say that we hung in for dear life,” head coach Mike Satre said, “but the defense really came through.”

Sophomore and wide receiver Elijah Smith agreed with Satre.

“This week the team executed on defense better than we ever have,” Smith said.

While the final score might not reflect it, for the first half of the JV team’s game against Vintage High, it seemed like it would be an easy win for the Blue Devils. The team managed a touchdown near the end of the first quarter, and another one later on helped to cement the team’s lead.

It even seemed like the team had a chance to score yet another touchdown when a pass and run down the field by sophomore Nick Vogt lead him triumphantly to the end zone. The crowd was cheering, the players were excited— except a signal from the referees broke the spirit, as it indicated that the touchdown was not valid. An illegal motion penalty against Davis rendered it void.

While a supportive crowd in the stands yelled, “Do it again!” the Blue Devils would not be able to, at least that night, “do it again.”

They went into halftime with a score of 14-0, and after the cheerleaders took the field, showcasing acrobatic moves, jumping and dancing with impressive synchronization to the electric and up-tempo mash-up of pop songs, the football team returned, keeping the score at 14-0 for all of the third quarter.

But at the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Crushers snagged a touchdown, and near the 5:40 mark, they managed another one— however, when they tried for a two-point conversion, they failed, keeping the Blue Devils up by one precarious point.

That point was all the DHS team needed to secure the win. As the seconds on the scoreboard wound down, the Blue Devils pressed closer into the Vintage High zone, keeping the Crushers away from their territory long enough for the time to run out.

Satre thinks that there are still more things that the team could work on. Right now, the passing is too one-dimensional and the running could be improved.

What stood out to Satre was that the head coach for Vintage High team, which Satre has played against for years, knew the DHS team’s weakness going into the game— and yet the Blue Devils still won.

While the DHS JV football team did make some mistakes this game, for Satre, the team has improved because the mistakes it made were not costly ones.

“Obviously, we played well enough to get a victory,” Satre said.

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