CSU Workshop provides information for students

By Stephanie Chang & Elissa Koh,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

At a California State University (CSU) Workshop in the Brunelle Theater at Davis  High held on Thursday, Sept. 15, Sacramento State University Interim Director of Admissions and Outreach Jeffrey Weston presented on the application process of CSUs. The 2017 fall admission period for CSUs starts Oct. 1 and goes to Nov. 30 of 2016. 

The CSU system, which has a total of 23 campuses, is the fourth largest public university system in the nation. With approximately three million alumni, it also has the most diverse student body academically, ethnically and economically.

During his presentation, Weston provided an overview to what CSUs are and why students should apply to them.

“Each [CSU] campus has its own personality. If you visit them, you’re going to find unique things about each one, whether it’s the major or just the geographical location […] We want you to encourage you to discover the CSU campuses,” Weston said.

Weston also addressed many other topics, such as majors, financial aid and admission eligibility.

“Any major out there you can pretty much find at the CSU,” Weston said. “It’s always a good idea to apply to your home campus. Apply to Sac State, please.”

Additionally, Weston mentioned that students can apply to CSUs through the website CSUMentor. Students get to apply to at least four campuses for free.

“You want to maximize [those free applications] and apply it to at least four. You can apply to all 23 if you wanted to but after four there is a cost associated with it.”

The last topic Weston touched upon was preparation and readiness. He emphasized the importance of submitting accurate information to the campuses.


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