Teachers recount homecoming memories

Physics teacher Jean-Paul Whittall plays nerf before his homecoming dance. (Courtesy: J-P Whittall)
Physics teacher Jean-Paul Whittall gets ready for his homecoming dance (Courtesy: J-P. Whittle).

By Olivia Quesada,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

For many teachers at Davis High, it wasn’t too long ago that they were walking the halls of their high school and participating in their school’s homecoming festivities.

Physics teacher Jean-Paul Whittall experienced his last homecoming as a senior at Bella Vista High only seven years ago. Whitall fondly remembers how before his last homecoming dance, he and his friends went to a park near Bella Vista High to have a potluck and nerf gun fight.

According to Whitall, the homecoming dance at Bella Vista was “just another dance” for people who weren’t very spirited, and as for him, he was “just happy to see friends.”

On the other hand, math teacher Alane Schaefer had a much different experience.

As a cheerleader, swimmer and homecoming queen, Schaefer was extremely involved in her high school’s homecoming festivities.

Schaefer recalls that her favorite part about homecoming and high school in general was that everyone had “so much school spirit” and nobody wanted to go home.

For history teacher Bill Williams, school spirit didn’t interest him until senior year. By then, his favorite part of homecoming had become spirit week and watching the floats in the parade.

“By senior year I had made more friends and was more involved in school,” Williams said.

Williams graduated from East Ascension High School in Louisiana. The football team had almost 60 people and was a big part of homecoming for them. Williams said that during the games “the excitement level was really high.”

Spanish teacher Janice Candelario didn’t build floats for homecoming but instead got to decorate sections of the quad at her high school.

Candelario marched with the band in the parade as a freshman. For her sophomore and junior year she was apart of the dance team and performed at the homecoming games.

Candelario said the one thing she would change about homecoming at DHS is for more clubs to get involved and build floats.


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