What Happens in Vegas, Comes to Davis: Juniors Create Homecoming Float

Juniors work to make the best float out of all the classes.
Juniors work to try to make the best class float.

By Summer Tran,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

The juniors began working on their float this past Monday at Goodyear Tires and will continue working through Thursday night in hopes of winning the float building contest for the second year in a row.

School Board Representative and junior Will Alpers envisioned making an eight-foot tall skyscraper. The student government began making paper mache buildings for a skyline that would go along the sides of a trailer and had oversized poker cards laying out, fitting the Las Vegas theme assigned to the junior class.

Junior Victoria Nishikawa, who is part of student government, said that the goal of the juniors is to have a float that is better than the senior float.

“It just gets better and better,” Nishikawa said.

Junior Class President Leah Pinto believes the juniors have enough motivation to win. During the float building, Pinto has noticed the enthusiasm the junior team has been bringing to the meetings and believes their high ambition will give them a strong advantage.

She has learned different skills from helping with her class’ farm themed float from last year. “This year I knew exactly what was needed,” Pinto said.

Senior Abby Sutcliffe remembered that the other class floats from the previous year were not nearly as good as the sophomores’ float. Because of this, Sutcliffe is anxious on whether or not her class will be able to come through.

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