Unitrans implements new bus schedule

New Unitrans schedule conforms to later start times at junior highs.
New Unitrans schedule conforms to later start times at junior highs.


By Stephanie Chang,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

The Unitrans’ bus schedule has changed in order to work with later start times at junior highs, combining the S and T lines to form one T line.

Two buses will run every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The first will arrive for Davis High’s first period. The second will be for the junior highs, as well as second period for DHS. On Wednesdays, due to late start, one bus will run.

“Simplifying the route will be less confusing for passengers and Unitrans drivers,” Anthony Palmere, general manager of Unitrans, said. “Students going from the junior high to the high school won’t need to learn a new schedule.”

However, junior Caylee Ade notices some downsides to the combined route.

“It stops for junior highs so it takes more time to arrive home,” Ade said. “But it’s okay.”

On the other hand, junior Kendall Warnock, who takes the bus to commute to school, acknowledges the benefits of the new schedule.

“I really like that I get to sleep in later, since it comes to my stop ten minutes later than it did last year,” Warnock said.

However, because the bus arrives later, it gets caught in more traffic and arrives at school at or right after the first bell.  

“I worry that if it is any later, I will be late to my first class,” Warnock said.

After school, buses will arrive for both  2:30 and 3:30 dismissals at junior highs and DHS, which makes it easier for those with six periods who previously had to wait for the 3:30 bus.

“I love how it runs after sixth period now so I don’t have to wait,” Warnock said.


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