Pep Band cheers on crowd at homecoming

By Jasmin LaVu, Staff–

In accordance to Davis High’s homecoming tradition, Pep Band participated in both the Homecoming parade and football game with various songs that pumped up the crowd and brought smiles to people’s faces.

Opening the varsity game with “Uma Thurman,” the Pep Band brought both the spirit and strength needed to lead the crowd. Seniors Hunter Sprague and Sabina Padilla led the band during the Homecoming game.

The DHS Pep Band gathers around the football field and begins to practice.
The DHS Pep Band gathers around the football field and begins to practice.

Sprague believes the band worked well together despite the challenge of marching and playing.

“[It’s] always fun to hype up the crowd,” Sprague said.

Sprague likes to interact with the audience and to be able to choose which songs will be played next.

Not only were the stands full of DHS students, but students from other Davis schools, along with parents, also made an effort to support the Blue Devils in the big homecoming game. Many of the freshmen from the local junior high schools also participated as part of the Pep Band.

“[The] freshmen are coming along nicely,” Padilla said, adding that the band worked well together.

Both leaders enjoyed their time in Pep Band last year and felt inspired to become the leaders of the 2016 Pep Band. Sprague wanted to make sure this Pep Band was just as energetic and fun as last year’s, while Padilla wanted to be a major part of the band and cheer on the football and basketball teams. The leaders also like the social aspects of Pep Band.

Juniors Byron McConnell and Christian Asuncion, members of the band, like being able to go to the football games for free and spending time with their friends during performances.

“Playing is one thing, but leading is another. The leaders always look like they’re really enjoying it,” Asuncion said.

Asuncion hopes to become a leader next year to spend more time in Pep Band and continue to have fun.

The Pep Band worked their hardest to work with the crowd, wanting them to follow along with their cheers. Although Davis lost, the band stayed until the end of the game, closing with “YMCA” and “China Grove.”

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