OPINION: Yes on Measure H

By Denna Changizi,
BluedevilHUB.com Editor–

Davis residents should vote “Yes” on Measure H this November.

While often overlooked, Measure H’s impact on the success of Davis schools is unprecedented.

Measure H would renew two already existing taxes that Davis residents pay for, increasing them slightly. The tax is $620 per parcel: $52 per parcel per month. According to yesforourstudents.org, these new costs would raise about $10 million dollars each year, improving the quality of our public schools.

The money gained from this new measure would be used to help reduce class sizes, employ more reading and math specialists, support lab-based science and music courses, improve the nutrition of school food and overall improve quality of life for Davis students.

Although Davis students already have a plethora of opportunities, Measure H ensures that Davis schools will only continue to improve, upholding the high education standards that the Davis Joint Unified School District sets.

One key feature that stands out in this measure is the reduced class sizes. Measure H would allow for a more personalized learning atmosphere, similar to that of a typical private school.  With a lower student to teacher ratio, the measure will grant students more one-on-one time with teachers.

Measure H doesn’t just benefit students, but teachers too. With fewer students per class, teachers will have an easier time making sure each student understands the curriculum. In addition, they will have more time to spend with those who may have trouble learning at the same pace as other students. Having fewer students also calls for a smaller amount of papers to grade, giving teachers more time to themselves.

For more information on Measure H, visit yesforourstudents.org.

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