Students give back during the holidays through STEAC

Sophomore Jake Goidell and senior Matteo Sorrentino collect cans on Nov. 18 to donate to STEAC.
Sophomore Jake Goidell and senior Matteo Sorrentino collect cans on Nov. 18 to donate to STEAC.

By Irem Sogutlugil, Staff–

Davis High students had the opportunity to donate canned food to the Short Term Emergency Aid Committee, or STEAC, from Nov. 7 through Nov. 18.

STEAC is a volunteer based organization that aims to provide immediate aid to individuals and families that have incomes at or below the federal poverty line in Yolo County. They help with providing food, rental, utility and job readiness.

Student Government was responsible for organizing the canned food drive and senior Makenna Mugnani was one student who helped run it. Mugnani believes that living in a mostly middle to upper-class town DHS students forget that many members of the Davis community face hunger on a daily basis.

“Many people do not understand the struggle of going hungry and, to those who do, something as seemingly simple as a can of beans can make a huge difference in their life,” Mugnani said.

Katy Zane, Executive Director of STEAC, has been working with Davis schools for many years during the holiday season.

The Holiday Program is STEAC’s annual event that includes stocking the food warehouse, holding a coat and book drive and receiving funds from various locations in town.

The Davis Food Co-op has selected STEAC to be the recipient of the Cashier Roundup Program in which customers can round up their purchase to build up extra funds.

Zane explains that the holidays are a time when those without basic necessities feel especially underprivileged, making it even more important to give back during this time of year.

“Not only does the receiver benefit, but the giver also benefits by the act of giving. It is so important for all of us to realize we are all part of the same community and all of us benefit when those less fortunate receive a helping hand,” Zane said.

As Christmas nears, senior Grace Haass volunteers to wrap gifts for the children at the Yolo Crisis Nursery. Haass continues to do it every year as a way to assure that she has helped a child-in-need have a happy holiday.

“It’s important to think of people less fortunate than yourself, especially during the holidays when it’s easy to focus on your own gift list and what you’ll be getting, but you have to realize not every kid is that lucky,” Haass said.

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