2 thoughts on “TWWSI: Ditch the Veganism

  • December 13, 2016 at 2:00 AM

    Your arguments are completely invalid and I will explain why. Number 1, you say facts are exaggerated by “extreme vegans” and there is an ethical way to eat animal products which people should pursue (free range, cage free etc). Here’s the problem with that argument. 99.9% of meat is produced by factory farms. 99.9 PERCENT. And that is for a reason. If everybody ate free range and cage free “ethical meat” there would be NO PHYSICAL SPACE LEFT IN THE UNITED STATES FOR AMERICANS TO LIVE. It’s impossible to only buy “ethical” animal products. The meat demand is simply too high for everybody to do so. In addition, it is ridiculous to argue what is ethical and what isn’t because that is entirely opinion based. Many vegans, including myself, do not believe there is a way to “ethically” KILL AN ANIMAL THAT WANTS TO LIVE. I also don’t believe it’s my right to take something from an innocent being just because my species has the power to. Arguing about ethics is not going to lead us anywhere, however, because we clearly have very different opinions. Number 2, you mention that the livestock and poultry industry provide 2 million jobs in america. Yes this is a good point! Eliminating animal products eliminates some jobs. However, once again we have reached an argument over ethics. Personally, I would never consume animal products just to save some jobs which perpetuate the torture, rape and murder of innocent beings. Others, however, might think the economy is more important. Number 3, you mention B12 deficiency in going vegan. Veganism is not magically proven to be unhealthy due to lack of this one vitamin. The only reason plants don’t carry B12 is because the human race over farmed our soil to the point that there is barely any B12 left in it. B12 is in animals because farmers chose to inject it into their livestock, or they consume fertilizer or some kind of pill which helps them produce it in their intestines. B12 is also found in soy milk, algae and nutritional yeast. There are also really easy supplement pills you can take for it whenever you feel you haven’t been consuming enough. I take no supplements and I’ve gotten my blood taken multiple times in the past year while vegan and I’ve been completely healthy. Lastly, you say at the end of the video that completely eliminating animal products from your diet can cause harm to your environment and health. THIS STATEMENT HAS LITERALLY NO FACTS TO BACK IT UP. I have no idea where you came up with this. Every day of A SINGLE PERSON being vegan saves 1,100 gallons of water, 30 square feet of forest, and 20lb of Co2. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of ocean dead zones, species extinction, water pollution, deforestation, and habitat distinction. These are simply facts you cannot argue. In addition, dairy consumption is OBVIOUSLY LINKED to osteogenesis (brittle bones disease), the US GOVERNMENT BOARD OF EGGS IS NOT ALLOWED TO CALL EGGS “HEALTHY” OR “NUTRITIOUS” and lowering meat consumption has hugely benefitted rates of heart disease, diabetes and cancers. There is no reason going vegan would hurt the environment IN ANY WAY. In regard to hurting your health, any type of diet can hurt your health if you do it inefficiently. I could eat tortilla chips and oreos all day and still be vegan? But when it comes to avoiding animal products, that’s not what is going to negatively affect you. There’s nothing better for you than fruits, vegetables and grains. Thank you for brining veganism to light and I’m sure this video was well intended but it seems like a lot more research should have been done 🙂 I hope this was helpful and not taken as too aggressive I’m just really passionate about veganism and I think people should know the truth

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