ALUMNI: Laura Tomasello


By Vera Resendez, Staff–

For Laura Tomasello, Davis is the only place where she would want to raise her kids. Tomasello grew up in Davis herself, attending Emerson and Davis High.

Tomasello, who graduated from Davis High in 1991,  moved to San Luis Obispo and then later San Francisco. She got her degree in business with a minor in marketing at the University of Phoenix.

However, Tomasello soon returned to Davis because she was wanted to live there.

“The biggest factor was raising my kids. I wanted them to have an awesome childhood, and be academically challenged,” Tomasello said.

Tomasello has fond memories of high school.

“We won our junior and senior year of powderpuff football, and that was unheard of. The best stories I have are high school stories,” Tomasello said.

Even today, Tomasello stays in touch with friends she met in kindergarten.

“[High school] prepared me for college, but more than anything it prepared me to be a good person,” Tomasello said.

She learned to be empathetic, social and accepting.

Now, Tomasello is a sales counselor at the University Retirement Community. The social skills she gained at the high school help Tomasello make connections with clients in her work.

“I knew very young I had a gift for gab,” Tomasello said.

Tomasello has two daughters who have lived in Davis their whole lives. Both attend schools in the Davis school district.

“I like it [Davis] because it has that small-town community feel and you kind of know everyone,” said Maddie Tomasello, now a sophomore at DHS.

Such a small community yields opportunities for mother-daughter connections.

“When I was in third grade I had my mom’s fifth grade teacher,” Maddie said.

Tomasello does not regret her choice to raise her children in Davis.

“I always knew I’d be back,” Tomasello said.

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