Q&A: Ahmed Khalil


Junior Ahmed Khalil. (Photo: D. Changizi)

Junior Ahmed Khalil immigrated to the United States for a better education. He visits Sudan, his home country, every summer; but this year, he won’t because of executive order 13796.

Q: Will you still visit Sudan this summer?

A: This year we may not go. We might just spend five years here because of the new laws. So it’s going to be harder to go there because we still have green cards and we’re not citizens yet and when you go out you can’t come back. So now we’re between two harsh decisions to decide: go away or just stay here.

Q: What do you think about the immigration executive order?

A: I don’t think its [the executive order] a good idea because many people can’t see their parents again and they have to decide and you can’t decide that. It’s a hard decision. So they just [have to] wait and see what will happen. I’m a little bit nervous. We’re still thinking about the decision [to stay here], we’re just waiting for Trump to make another decision, and then we will decide.

Q: Why did you come to the United States?

A: I came here because of here because of education […] we all came here to gain knowledge. I like it because there is better education here, but the new decisions make me like: ‘I don’t like it anymore. What should I do here?’

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