Q&A: Kia Afzali

Sophomore Kia Afzali. (Photo: D. Changizi)

Sophomore Kia Afzali hails from Iran and resides in Davis on a green card.

Q: What are your opinions on executive order 13769?

A: I think it’s pretty stupid. I don’t really see the point to be honest because it’s not really blocking any terrorist attacks. Like especially from Iran; I don’t know about the other countries, but I know that Iran has never been involved in terrorist activity inside the US.

Q: Would you go back to Iran anytime soon?

A:  Iran has a military kind of thing that when you get to [the age of] 18, you have to go to the military so I’m not going there anyway after I’m 18 regardless of Trump, but before that I was probably going to go once and then come back after I’m a citizen. I moved here five years ago so I’m going to be a citizen in a few months.

Q: Do you think other countries should have been added to the ban list?

A: Iran doesn’t have any terrorist groups in it. It’s not like Iraq and Syria that have ISIS inside them, Iran doesn’t have any of them. So it’s pretty stupid to block Iran but they didn’t block Pakistan or Afghanistan.

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