Men’s lacrosse settles score with College Park

By Lauren Wienker, Staff–

The Davis High men’s lacrosse team won 18-5 in a “revenge game” against College Park High on Friday.

“We have a little bit more riding on [this game] because it’s kind of a revenge game for us, since they did us the favor of knocking us out of the postseason last year,” head coach Nick Juri said.

Going into this game the players had a strong spirit, making jokes and cheering in their warm up circle in front of the athletic trainers room.

Junior Cole Koeberer was enthusiastic and positive going into the game, sure that his team would come out on top.

“[I am excited] to get the whole team out there, hopefully, and go win this game as a team,” Koeberer said.

“I think we should work on communication and really spreading the ball around, not being selfish and making sure everyone gets a touch on the ball,” he added.

The team started off strong, with senior Rowan Hart scoring the first goal. The team kept a strong defense marking each forward from the other team man to man so no goal’s got through their own net.

However there were some controversial calls, such as a goal scored by Koeberer being disqualified.

By the end of the first quarter DHS came out on top 3 to 1.

During the second quarter the team turned it up a notch with some great plays. Five minutes in Koeberer ran down the field, passed the ball off to Hart who threw the ball to senior Aidan Mager who found the back of the net.

At half DHS was still winning, with a score of 9-1.

The second half started off much slower but DHS came out ahead at the end of the game, scoring another five goals before the final whistle.

“I feel pretty good [about this game], a win is a good win and the boys all came out to play and we really just played and it came out great,” junior Luke Maffly said.

Coach Juri was happy with the team’s win but believed that the players could work harder next time.

“I think all the guys recognize that we need to demand more of ourselves, that’s kind of the message if left them at the end, to want more to continue demand more of yourself and your teammates,” he said.

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