Students to take on staff in basketball

The game will be held on Wednesday at 6:30 in the South Gym. (Courtesy Student Government)

By Juliet Sanders, Staff–

The coming of spring also signals the time for the annual Davis High Student vs.Staff Basketball game. This year’s teams are coached by senior Ben Bergevin for the students, and teacher Timothy Peevyhouse for the staff. Both coaches are hyped and believe that their team is going to be the champion.

“I think we will win. Yeah, I have confidence that we can win against them,” Bergevin said. However Peevyhouse, who has participated in the student/staff game since he began teaching, disagrees.

“You know, it goes back and forth. I feel like it’s about 60% of the time the staff win, but it’s more even than you’d think, even the games are pretty even in score,” Peevyhouse said.

As for the biggest competition on the staff side, both Bergevin and Peevyhouse agree. “I’d probably say Lorensen is our biggest competition because he used to play college basketball,” Bergevin said.

“Well if Mr. Lorensen plays on Wednesday then he’s definitely our strongest,” Peevyhouse said.

While both teams are excited, the student team has taken a more rigorous approach to the game and have been practicing for the past two weeks, while the staff team has taken a more relaxed approach.

“We do zero practice, we show up and it’s fun so absolutely no practice for us,” Peevyhouse said.

Peevyhouse’s relaxed attitude towards the game most likely comes from years of experience. “The biggest competition on the other team is irrelevant, our biggest competition isn’t on the other team, it’s us getting out there and not being injured and being able to run up and down the court,” Peevyhouse said.

Bergevin said he was excited for game day and that he most looked forward to trash talking the other team. “I’m probably most excited for all the trash talk that’s going to be happen during the game, that’s always fun.”

Neither team receives an award for winning, but get to have the street creds for the rest of the school year. “We don’t really have plans after the game, if we win we’ll take a team picture, high five, and then go hang out with our families,” Peevyhouse said.

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