REVIEW: New boba spot T4 cute, but nothing new

To the left is the Jasmine Green Tea with boba and to the right is the Strawberry Lemon Smoothie.

By Jeanne Kim, Staff—

Filling the former Thai Recipes restaurant location on E Street, T4 added itself to the collection of bubble tea places Davis has to offer.

T4’s soft opening was in mid-March, but their grand opening was on April 2 from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. and on that same day, the bubble tea house will start serving their snack menu items. Their snack menu consists of a variety of different foods ranging from fries to popcorn chicken, but if you’re looking to hit up a bubble tea place with friends or family as a lunch spot, I would recommend going to Old Tea House, which offers more lunch items.

I was able to get a taste of the new place during their soft opening phase and was impressed by their cleanliness and overall cute and modern ambiance. Like other Davis bubble tea places such as Lazi Cow and MandRo, T4 had a shelf filled with a variety of board games. As soon as I entered the store, the item that caught my eye almost immediately was the giant connect four game.

T4 offers customers a clean and attractive atmosphere and even has a shelf full of games for customers to enjoy while drinking their tea.

In addition to its open and friendly atmosphere, the bubble tea place had plentiful seating with comfy chairs and many tables. They even had a small back room with sleek white couches and round stools, with walls decorated with tiny lights. Look wise, I would say T4 is top on my list out of most of the bubble tea places in Davis.

As for the bubble tea, it wasn’t anything drastically different from other bubble tea places. I ordered the the Jasmine Green Tea with boba, or also called pearls, as it was referred to on the menu. In addition to my order, the teahouse also had the option to alter ice and sweetness levels similar to ShareTea, another bubble tea place in downtown Davis. I wanted to ensure that I had more tea than ice, so I ordered 30 percent ice and decided to go for 50 percent sweetness. My tea cost me $2.50 and the pearls were 50 cents.

T4’s smaller back room is located inside the bubble teahouse and is connected to the main bubble tea room. It is decorated with small lights and has many seating options.

The price was not too bad, and like many places, they had one size, but I felt that their default size was smaller compared to the default size served at other bubble tea places in Davis. Other than that I felt that it was a trip well spent and would definitely recommend it. It’s location and indoor layout is a perfect setting for a chat with friends and is definitely family friendly.

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