REVIEW: “Boss Baby” funny, but predictable

“Boss Baby” creates valuable and funny insight on what it is like to have a baby invade your home. (Courtesy:

By Amelia Biscardi, Staff–

The  movie “Boss Baby” is a cute PG animated comedy produced by Dreamworks Animation and directed by Tom McGrath is nothing out of the ordinary. It is, however, a sweet movie with some laughs and a cliche plot.

Imaginative seven-year-old Tim, voiced by Miles Christopher Bakshi, has grand adventures with his parent. The dad is voiced by Jimmy Kimmel and the mom is voiced by Lisa Kudrow. Everything is perfect, each night he gets read three bedtime stories, receives five hugs and gets his special song sung to him at bedtime.

That is, everything is perfect until his new baby brother, voices by Alec Baldwin shows up suddenly one morning and ruins everything.

The movie portrays what it is like to have an addition to your family and how chaotic and confusing it can be alongside some laughs tossed with some bathroom humor sprinkled in as well.

Tim watches in horror as this thing invades his house with its toys and diaper boxes everywhere, bossing his parents around. While his parents see nothing wrong, Tim sees straight through this suitcase carrying, suit-wearing-parent-thief. Yet when Tim points it out, his parents just say that every baby is different and dismiss what their son says.

After catching his baby brother talking, Tim realizes that he needs proof only to find that his baby brother is rather cunning and has a team of babies to assist him. This ends up getting Tim in trouble and forces the two to form an uneasy alliance with the promise that once Boss Baby is done with his super secret mission to stop Puppy Co from launching their newest puppy, he will leave and again Tim will once again have all of his parents love to himself.

As the boys speed off on their adventure trying to get along and complete the mission, the boys gradually grow fond of one another.

Tim and Boss Baby teach one another valuable lessons. Boss Baby was sent to management in Baby Corp. instead of being sent to a family. Tim teaches him how to be imaginative and have fun.

The Boss Baby on the other hand teaches Tim the very important lesson that love can be shared and that having a baby brother is not that bad.

Once the two boys work together, they are able to manage just in the nick of time to stop Puppy Corp. With Tim’s creative mind and Boss Baby’s drive, they make a pretty solid team and pretty great brothers.

The movie is overall a good one, the acting is solid and it is pretty funny. The humor is a little bit crude, but not too shabby. The plot is a bit predictable, but endearing nevertheless.

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