Surviving finals week

Stress can effect students in many different ways. (Graphic. A. Curtis)

By Claire Williams, Alana Curtis and Sophie Lodigiani, Staff–

As the countdown to the last day of school begins, so does the countdown to finals.

Students of all grades are feeling the pressure of finals creeping up on them. Luckily, many students have created systems and organizational skills that make them feel more prepared and confident for the upcoming exams.

DHS sophomore Claire Duisenberg, is certainly feeling pressure about her upcoming finals.

“School is very stressful around finals. The amount of work that we learn over the whole semester and sometimes the whole year is a lot, and especially when you have multiple other finals to study for also,” Duisenberg said.

Nevertheless, Duisenberg feels prepared about the exams. “[My teachers] have given me very detailed study guides ahead of time which makes me feel a lot more prepared, because it allows me to review practice problems.”

Throughout senior Jana Sun’s three years at Davis High, she has learned some studying techniques that make finals week a little more bearable.

“I learn a lot by asking questions, so as I’m studying, I always create a question sheet, which doubles as a checklist, to ask my peers or teachers before a final,” Sun said.

Sun also likes to prioritize and clearly plan out what she has to get done each day.

“It’s always super helpful to just take a few minutes and assess all that I might have on my plate. When I actually acknowledge what I need to do and start planning my time, studying seems less daunting and I feel motivated to be more productive,” Sun said.

Along with students creating their own study habits, there are great resources at Davis High to help other students succeed who might need a little more guidance.

Academic Center Supervisor Marie Michel says that during finals week, she sees a lot more kids coming in for studying help.

“Some [students] come in for studying tips, while others come in who want studying help on understanding the material for what they will be tested on in their upcoming finals,” Michel said.

For further academic support, the Academic Center is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm and Friday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Watch this video for more tips and listen to other students opinions on finals below:

Junior Kayla Nunes is starting to feel stressed over her finals because, “the whole semester is all piled into one test,” but with more more studying, thinks she can handle it. (Photo: A. Curtis)
Sophomore James Herrgesell has a total of six finals, and schedules his time by studying about an hour a day for each. Although stressed, Herrgesell says, “I think a little bit of stress can be good when taking tests.”

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