Protest outside Davis Islamic Center

By Meseret Carver,​ Editor-in-Chief–

A Christian group was protesting outside Davis Islamic Center today.

The group drove out from Los Angeles to “spread the gospel” according to a member, Johnny Moran.

“We are here to spread the gospel of God. We are  exercising our constitutional rights,” Moran said. ​​

Bystanders were not happy with what the group was saying and some fought back verbally.

Davis citizen Ernest Ching called the police when he saw the group outside the Islamic Center but police did not intervene while Ching was there.

“I don’t know if they are trying to start a fight, I have no idea,” Ching said, “they are just really loud and in people’s faces.”

Ching entually left because he did not want to give the the protest “a crowd.”

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