Spoke Magazine starts up as students settle in

The Spoke team is focusing on promotion to fill up this year’s pages.

By Mattias Apse,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Davis High’s Spoke Literary and Art Magazine has opened submissions for the winter issue; the deadline is Oct. 6.

The Spoke editorial board decided on the theme “Fear and Courage,” submissions are encouraged but not strictly required to adhere to the theme.

With many involved seniors graduating last year, including editor-in-chief Claire Alongi, senior Claire Bachand has taken the reins and recruited several new editors.

Among these fresh recruits is senior Sam Kurtz, an art and photo editor.

“I’ve loved photography my whole life and being an editor seemed like fun,” Kurtz said.

Kurtz wants enough students to submit content so the team can “create the elegant magazine.”

If everything goes smoothly, the issue will be released mid-December. A launch party to commemorate the issue will feature displays of the art and photography in the magazine, as well as oral presentations of written works.

Spoke editors would like students to know that they reserve the right to edit submissions at their discretion. However, Spoke aims to preserve artistic integrity and intentions.

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