Campus pool proposal excites Davis High swimmers

A  location possibility for a pool on the Davis High campus is north of the track near Oak and Covell St.

By Kate Macaulay, Editor–

After a long wait, a pool proposal has been made for the Davis High campus.

The proposal outlines two pool size and location possibilities. A 25 yard x 50 meter or a 25 yard x 35 meter competition pool could be built on either the center of the athletic side of campus (near the T-buildings) or in the unused grassy area on the corner of Oak and Covell St.

A Davis High pool could reside behind the baseball field and next to the track. (Courtesy: D. Wright)

As a swimmer, junior Keianna Pineda is excited with the idea of a pool on DHS campus and looks forward to its completion.

“Having a pool on campus would make it easier for [swimmers] to travel and not have to drive at least 15 minutes to the closest pool,” Pineda said.

Currently the water polo, swim and dive teams all have to practice at community pools or the UC Davis Schaal pool. Davis school, club and college teams all have to share these pools which makes access difficult at times.

“[A pool on campus] would also give opportunities for fundraisers and more swim meets,” Pineda said.

With a campus pool, DHS swim sports would not have to share the pool, therefore allowing them to select practice times, more accessibility to the pool and the opportunity to hold more swim events.

Sophomore Thor Strandgaard agrees with Pineda about pool availability.

“I think the pool proposal is a good idea, and would make the high school swimming and polo much more convenient and fun,” Strandgaard said.

This pool would take about $4 million to $5 million to build and would cost between $200,000 and $300,000 to operate every year. In addition, the campus pool would offer an alternative Physical Education option and according to women’s water polo coach Doug Wright, be available to other swim organizations in Davis. The revenue for this outreach would go towards satisfying operating costs and reducing what the school would have to pay.

At the current proposed price, the pool facilities would include a scoreboard, lights, bleachers, bathroom, locker room, office and team room. As an added bonus, the facility would be made of recycled materials and use solar heating to control the pool temperature during colder months.

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