Blue Devil linemen prove to be a close crowd

By Cate Scheuring, Staff–

Davis High has a close-knit family within its football family: the linemen.

“We’re not best friends; we’re brothers,” senior Will Smith said.

Every Thursday night, the linemen go out to eat after practice. They drive there together and stay a couple hours talking.

“The best part about being a lineman is probably the unity of the group [because] we’re probably the closest group on the team,” senior Joseph Morrison said.

The linemen spend at least two and a half hours together every day, but Fridays are special. They arrive to the team room right after school, and stay until late at night.

“Before the game we sit in our team room for a good few hours. We bring sandwiches for everyone on the team [and] spend about two hours mentally preparing,” Morrison said.

During football games, the announcer tends to give linemen little recognition. But the next day, their team gives it to them.

“Saturday morning […] we watch maybe an hour, two hours of film. And that’s when we really see how we did,” Morrison said.

It is during their Saturday meetings where the linemen are acknowledged for their effort and skills.

“We get plenty of recognition on Saturdays,” Smith said.

Junior Jeremiah Jones was recently injured at practice. However, he was able to overcome the mental challenges brought by his injury and stayed committed to the team.

Senior Carlos Robles was injured his sophomore year and couldn’t play until this season. He inspired Jones to stay positive.

“It’s hard to be out of the game […] but by watching Carlos last year I learned you can support the team in other ways by […] being a water boy or something else,” Jones said.

The newest member to the varsity linemen crew, sophomore Gered Lichtenhan, loves the group and would not want to play anywhere else.

“Being a lineman is better than being a running back.” said Lichtenhan.

The rest of the linemen agree.

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