Float leaders prepare for Homecoming parade





Float building requires not only creativity but also a lot of hard labor.

By Manpreet Kaur, Staff–

Tensions rise as the students of Davis High only have four days to finish their floats for the homecoming parade. This parade will be taking place in the Downtown Davis community park, snaking its way back to the high school.

DHS holds a competition each year to determine the best float winners. Sophomores, juniors and seniors put their efforts into winning the best class float.

The tradition is to start building the floats the week of homecoming, leaving students only four days to build the float.

“We’re trying to build some big things and we only have four days to finish it,” junior vice president Haley Benson said.

The float the juniors are planning to build is based on the haunted house theme. It will include a haunted house as the centerpiece surrounded by a graveyard and the float builders will be dressed in costumes pertaining to the theme.

The float makers also have to build their float on a budget.

“It’s hard to plan the structure for it while also worrying about keeping it sturdy and affordable,” Benson said.

However, juniors helping out with the float remain optimistic.

“Our float builders are really excited to build and I’m sure that their spirit will show on our float during the parade” junior class president Kenneth Wang said.

The sophomore float is based on the witch theme. The float will feature a cauldron as the centerpiece and include other witch related items.

“I’m only nervous because I have such high hopes for it and I really want it to turn out well,” sophomore class president Catie Fee said.

The senior float theme is haunted homecoming and aims to be the scariest float.

“I think [float building] is gonna be fun and everything should run smoothly,” senior vice president Kailas Dhond said.

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