Spirit Week kicks off with a booming rally


Students participate in a group game at Monday’s rally. (C. Maguire)

By Averi Brayton and Joey Voss,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

The first Davis High rally of the year made its debut on Oct. 9 to start of Spirit Week.   

At the rally, students watched the MC’s Autumn Johansson and Will Wyman hype up the crowd, introduce the games and segway into performances by groups such as the DHS Madrigals and Dance team.

“The crowd just had such high energy and they were a really great audience,” Johansson said.

Even though Johansson and Wyman did most of the talking, many more people helped out with the planning of this rally.  

Rachel Trauner, a Student Government leader and Rally Committee Head, has been planning this rally since school started.

“[It] went super well! Everything ran really smoothly […] just as well as I’d hoped it would!” Trauner said.

Another big contributor to the success of this rally was Sophomore Senator Sydney Moore. She, too, had been planning the rally since school started,  

“The rally was a big success, after months of planning it was great to watch it play out,” Moore said.

Many students enjoyed the rally.

“For my first DHS rally, it was really fun to watch how much spirit the crowd had,” sophomore Daelin Johnson said. 

However, not all students felt it was the most interesting event.

“It was getting boring at the start, [but] it started to pick up towards the end,” sophomore Jarred Vargas said.

One activity that wowed the crowd was the DHS Dance team’s performance to a variety of Kesha songs and the student government’s flash mob to “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

In addition, Student Government introduced two games where they picked audience members to participate. The first of these games was Human Centipede, which required a group of 18 students from the same graduating year to line up and wiggle their way through a hula hoop while all still holding hands.

The seniors came out on top as winners of both the games they played, and the rally ended with cheers from the BDP squad.

“It was a great way to kick off homecoming week,” junior Vera Resendez remarked.

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