Let the decorating begin: door decoration competition tips




Like Mrs. Widman’s door from 2014, fourth period classes must get creative and dedicated to win the door-decorating contest. (photo Courtesy Mrs. Widman)

By Olivia Wynkoop,

BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Fourth period classes around the campus show their competitive side this week as they paint, draw and decorate their doors in efforts to win a golden trophy and a pizza party.

The door decoration competition is a tradition that happens every year during homecoming week.

The student government class gives each participating class limited supplies: markers, tape and a long sheet of white paper. In order to win the grand prize, classes must use their creativity and time that go beyond the basic supplies provided by student government.

But to impress the judges, classes have to go all out while still sticking with the theme.

Junior Emi Eckey is a member of the door decorating committee and waits to see what decorations classes come up with.

“Door decorating isn’t just about the door, it’s about both the presentation and experience! There will definitely be an award for anything interactive,” Eckey said.

English teacher Janine Widman is known for her lavish displays, taking home the trophy five times out of the eight years that she has participated in the competition. This year, Widman plans to create a murder mystery crime scene in her classroom.

Widman’s favorite door her class has made was an interactive jukebox that featured playable records. The class even created a choreographed dance to perform to the judges.

“The competition creates a community in your classroom, it lets the students work together in a whole different way,” Widman said.

Six years ago, science teacher Eric Bastin turned his classroom into a haunted house that won the contest. His room featured a life sized coffin, strobe lights and jump scares.

Bastin also learned that there is such a thing as “too extreme” when he revved up his chainsaw.

“I took the chain off and everything, but it emitted gas that sent the vice principal into an asthma attack. She had to go to the emergency room and all, but she was okay,” Bastin said.

Many teachers like Bastin are unable to participate this year because of busy schedules.

“It’s hard for teachers to find class time and the materials to work on it. They have to balance door decoration time with actual class time and it’s challenging to work out that schedule,” said Rachel Hedman, door decoration committee chair.

Any class participating this year will receive a certificate, but there are also three chances to win a pizza party this year. Hedman and her committee created three categories: most creative (Picasso), most interactive (Spookiest Experience) and best decorations on the door itself (Ghostly Good).

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