Evil Twin Tuesday strikes with dodgeball

Sophomores Lily Burne, Cate Scheuring, Cody Taylor and Joey Asta showed their school spirit by dressing up for Twisted Twin Tuesday.

By Diego Gonzalez,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

On Tuesday, Oct. 10 Davis High students matched up with a friend to “twin” for Evil Twin Tuesday. To go along with the spirit day, Student Government held a dodgeball game in the South Gym, where students could peg their evil twin with a soft foam ball.

Sophomore Catie Fee twinned up with one of her friends, sophomore Mia Panelli.

Fee and Panelli feel like twinning can help make friendship closer and therefore better.

“Twinning helps build a better bond because you get better communicating skills which makes you connected with one another,” Fee and Panelli said.

In addition, they appreciate the attention it gives them.

“One of the best parts of twinning is that we get noticed at the hallways showing school spirit,” Fee said.

Spirit Days are all week long, giving students the opportunity to show their BDP.

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