Pep band prepares for homecoming performance

For last year’s homecoming game, the pep band gathered around the football field and practiced. (Photo: J. LaVu)

By Hannah Cho, Staff–

The Davis High pep band, which leads the homecoming parade and performs at the homecoming game each year, is once again ready to lift up homecoming spirit this week.

Although the pep band plays an important role in any sporting event at DHS, Homecoming is especially crucial due to the larger crowd.

“The homecoming game is definitely the most exciting because it has the most attendance,” said senior Ty Wilkinson, a trombone player in the jazz band and one of the pep band leaders.

Pep band members prepare as much as they can for upcoming performances. The group also rehearses on the day of each event.

On Monday, the group had its very first event: the homecoming rally. Members played a variety of songs, including “Basketcase,” “Uma Thurman” and “China Grove.”

The band viewed the rally as a success.

“I think the rally went really smoothly, considering it was the first one of the year. Students all filled in fairly quickly […] It was a lot of fun being part of it,” said sophomore Camila Pedrosa, one of the pep band’s flute players.

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