Sophomore finds passion playing running back

Sophomore Taylor Vaughn, in the middle, stands with his teammates

By Brandon Folb, Staff–

Starting running back for Davis High varsity football, Taylor Vaughn is only a sophomore, yet age has not stopped him.

Vaughn has been playing football for eight years. While Vaughn has played other positions and other sports, playing running back has become his passion.

“I like playing running back because I get to hit people. I also like making touchdowns and earning yards,” Vaughn said.

As a sophomore on varsity, Vaughn is at an age and size disadvantage. However, Vaughn says he likes the challenge and it only makes him want to get better.

Another challenge Vaughn has faced is earning the starting spot on the roster. Vaughn went toe to toe with another Blue Devil running back Ethan Iacono.

Unfortunately Iacono is out for the season due to an injury, but he is still impacting and helping his football team.

“I look up to Ethan. He inspires me to work and train harder,” Vaughn said.

Iacono is not the only teammate who has had an impact on Vaughn. All of his other teammates do as well.

They are always there for me and taught me to never leave anyone behind,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn’s former junior Blue Devils coach, Craig Barksdale, coached Vaughn for several years.

“He was great when he first arrived and I knew he was going to be a star,” Barksdale said.

Having missed his freshman season last year from an injury, Vaughn went from playing youth football to varsity.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you see him on Saturday’s playing in college or Sunday’s playing for the NFL,” Barksdale said.

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