Blue Devils prepare for Franklin homecoming game

By Jenna Dyer, Staff–

The pressure rises for the football team as they prepare themselves for the 2017 homecoming game this Friday, Oct. 13. 

Currently, the Blue Devils hold 0 and 6 win/loss record this season. As a result, the team has been focusing on mentally overcoming that and focusing on victory.

“We have been putting large amounts of focus into the mental aspect of football for our preparation,” said wide receiver and junior Peyton Early.

With the big game on Friday, practices have been even more stressful because of the air quality.

“We won’t be able to go full speed or practice hitting with pads,” said quarterback and sophomore Payne Barksdale, about not being able to practice outside for this past week.  

“We have been practicing in the gym going over our offense and defense,” said right back and sophomore Ben Busano.

Although the team will be able to hit the field the day before the game to get a final feel and mindset for the game on Friday night.

Although the air quality has set the team back, the team has powered through and is doing everything they can to be as ready as they can for the game.

“[We’ve] been watching hours of film and running through the same plays, continuously fixing mistakes,” Early said. 

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