Every Witch Way Thursday presents wacky BDP

Junior Nathan Sweet puts together an all-around wacky outfit for Every Witch Way Thursday. (L. Limburg)

By Carpenter Christopher,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff-

Continuing the spirit week, Davis High students dressed up for Every Witch Way Thursday on Oct 12. with wacky wear and crazy combinations.

Whenever students turned a corner, they were sure to be barraged with mismatched socks and funky pants.

Every Witch Way Thursday is one of the final days of Spirit Week and an opportunity for students to show their creativity and school spirit.

I dress up for spirit days to show support for our school and show how spirited I am,” junior Molly Forsyth said

Sophomore Faith Cerussi also showed her school spirit, sporting dragon ears and mismatched socks.

“It’s kind of fun to get to wear something different that you wouldn’t normally wear to school,” Cerussi said.

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