Davis High students sport fall fashion

Davis High students often associate sweaters with fall fashion. (Illustration: L. Keck)

By Lauren Keck,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

Fall fashion has returned with its sweaters, boots and the reds and oranges to match autumn leaves. Designers have been drawn to brilliant reds, checkers, denim and fall florals, as seen on the runways of the pre-fall shows. Though Davis High students may not be strutting down the runway, they still take part in the transition from summer to fall fashion.

“What comes to mind when I think of fall fashion is definitely lots of jeans, sweaters and red and brown colors,” senior Ana Wong said.

When fall comes around senior Autumn Marcheschi is reminded of “warm sweaters and big cozy sweatshirts and ripped jeans.”

Wong enjoys fall because the weather allows her to wear a larger selection of clothes.

“The best part of fall fashion is being able to finally wear comfortable sweaters and sweatpants without it being 100 degrees outside,” Wong said.

Marcheschi’s favorite part of fall fashion is “getting to wear soft, furry, warm clothes.”

Each season has unique fashion choices based on the weather.

“Fall fashion is different from other seasons because it’s kind of in between the other ones, like you can take the dress from summer and layer it with a nice jacket from winter. Kind of best of both worlds,” Wong said.

However, there are still some negatives to the clothing styles of fall.

“The worst part is nice sweaters can be expensive,” Marcheschi said.

Wong has trouble figuring out what to wear in regards to the weather.

“The weather is so weird in the fall in California, like it’s super cold in the morning but super hot later in the day, so it’s really hard to know what to wear to accommodate to the weather,” Wong said.

Wong’s style is inspired by what she sees around her.

“What inspires my fashion sense a lot is seeing what other people wear wherever I go, or looking on Instagram, then kind of using those different fashions and putting together an outfit that I think looks good,” Wong said.

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