Homecoming parade finishes with class floats

By Emily Seybold,
BlueDevilHUB.com Staff–

As homecoming week comes to a close, students enjoy one of the last few attractions: the class floats.

Student Government’s idea for a Halloween theme-based of the “American Horror Story” TV show turned out to be very popular amongst students.

“We wanted to do a cool theme for Friday the 13th. A lot of people were behind it, it won by a landslide,” said English teacher and student activities adviser Anthony Vasquez.

Though students were excited about this theme, it also brought worries for Student Government.

“We want to stay away from anything involving violence, horror or death, which makes things a bit harder,” said Vasquez.

The senior class float’s theme was “Freak Show.” It consisted of a circus tent, clowns, a cage and many red balloons. Seniors wore all blue and sat on hay bales or in the bed of the truck that was pulling the float.

The juniors had the “Murder House” theme and chose to construct a small house and decorated it with spiderwebs, chains, ghosts and blood for their float. The juniors dressed up in costumes pertaining to their theme, covered with face paint.

Sophomores decorated their float according to their “Witches Coven” theme. Their float included leafless trees, a cauldron under a teepee, lights and spiderwebs. Students dressed up as witches by wearing black, pointy hats.

Each float debuted at the homecoming parade on Oct. 13.

“Floats adds to the chaos of homecoming, but that’s what makes it great,” sophomore senator Catie Fee said.

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