Students offered food truck job opportunity

Junior Ali Ali takes a lunch order at the DJ Eats food truck in the quad.

By Maddie Yang, Staff–

The DJ Eats food truck located in the quad is now hiring students for serving food and working the cash register during lunch.

Junior Ali Ali has been working at the food truck for just over a week. Before landing the job, Ali was a regular customer at the food truck and after he saw the job opening flyer posted on the truck, he was quick to apply.

The food truck job differs from other jobs outside of campus because it is more convenient for students.

“I took this job because it wasn’t as much of a commitment as a job outside of school but I still get a decent amount of money,” Ali said.

While the workload per week is not high compared to most employment opportunities, students will have to give up the time normally spent catching up on schoolwork during lunch to work at the food truck.

“The main challenge is that if I have some homework or clubs or a quiz I need to study for the next period I can’t do that unless I let my supervisor know the day before,” Ali said.

Although student workers get the benefit of a free lunch, they still have limited time to eat so they can get back to work.

“I also have to eat my lunch pretty quickly,” Ali said.

Senior Derek Lerman has applied for the position and is waiting for the results. For Lerman, the application process was simple and quick.

“There were no requirements that I needed to meet. I got a call from a lady from [Davis Joint Unified School District] Nutrition to come in and fill out paperwork. It took just the one day of reading through and signing papers,” Lerman said.

Lerman approached the job for similar reasons as Ali; he wanted income but he also wanted to decrease the long line that builds at the beginning of every lunch.

However, like Ali, Lerman is giving up his homework time at lunch for the job.

“I will get more spending money and will help feed the children at [Davis High, but] I will miss out on finishing homework at lunch,” Lerman said.

Job applications are open for the DHS cafeteria, opening in the All Students Center next year. Paperwork can be found in Jeanne Pettigrew’s classroom, S-4.

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  • November 3, 2017 at 11:29 AM

    I worked at the truck last year. I go to UC Davis now. Where is my article?

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